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Buy books cheap


Hi , there dear hoopers.In this article we will be discussing about books – ways to buy books cheap n easy.Between their very famous fight with Hachette over book costs and all of their future-like, but also kind of weird side projects (think delivery flying robots), there are multiple reasons why you may be looking to buy books from a website that’s not “”. If you don’t have a local book shop or if you need a specific book(like a textbook), the web is your best option. There are a billion websites offering you to buy cheap books online, and if you’re not sure where to start, you’re in the correct place. We’ve searched all over the interweb and found 2 of the best online bookshops where you can find deals on new, used, textbooks, and much more.


1. Powell’s Books

Buy books cheap
Best for: Independent releases, new writers
Why it’s great: is the web arm of the beloved physical store of Portland shop, and even though it’s online, it’s still got the great feeling of what may be the bookstore at the end of the universe. In addition to a gigantic range of new and used books, you can find extra stuff on their blog, which offers everything from the staffs’ picks to lists of the tunes authors listen to while they write. It is certainly the place to be to buy books cheap.

2. Better World Books
Buy books cheap
Best for: eBooks, famous fiction and nonfiction
Why it’s great: “Better World” isn’t just a brand name— for every purchase made on “”, a book is donated to a person in need (over 22 million till today!). This online bookstore also partners with libraries and other college campuses to collect books already used, many of which are given for free to literacy nonprofits around the globe. In extension to being a place to buy books cheap and all of their reinstating policies and recycling, you can also go paperless — Better World Books is one of the only websites that offers eBooks. Need it right now? You can opt for eDelivery — any physical book can be scanned and sent to you in a digital format in, some cases, under two hours.



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