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Hello, Hoopers. I am back as promised with the second part of the exclusive story series on blogging, domains.I am planning to complete this part in 2-3 days.You can expect the complete version of part 2 by 30th April 2017. Here we resume…

Hope all of you guys got enough time to think of the answer to the question. To the newcomers who landed on this page directly here’s the link to the first part of the sequel. Let’s see whether Einstein was able to answer the question. Unfortunately Einstein wasn’t able to answer the question. Out of frustration, he took out a $50 note and slammed it on the Indian’s lap?. Indian took the note and kept it in his pocket and coolly went to sleep. Einstein seeing this was really annoyed. He shook the Indian asked him – hey moron you are sleeping without answering the question.Tell me the answer to your question, Einstein demanded. The Indian took out another dollar bill from his pocket and gave it to Einstein and said ‘ I don’t know’ ???……

That’s all about the story part. Now let’s move on to the main matter.



The meeting with my neighbor and what he told me about blogging had a great impact, left an impression in my mind. I was in 9th grade back then.I had set my mind to try my luck in the world of domains and blogging. But I had two hurdles I had to overcome. The first one – I was not having a debit/credit card or any means of making payment online.

I don’t know what is it like in other countries, but here in India. The kids are rather more safeguarded by parents don’t have that kind of freedom that a kid would desire – to explore the possibilities before him.To some extent it is good.But as a coin has both head and tail so does this ‘over protective nature’ has its pros and cons.To my fortune, I have a very good father, he conceded to pay my bills online for purchasing a domain. Finally…, after my long struggles.


the story of fantasticpcgames


The domain I secured- my first domain name – ‘’. The amount I spent for the domain was $2?… I bought the domain through the GoDaddy offer providing domain at $2 to new users.Thank you GoDaddy☺. Now that I was all geared up for setting up my new site.I had two friends at school namely Pranav and Steev they were the two people who supported my crazy ideas and still supports them?.I big ‘thank you’ to you guys. Steev was the one who suggested the idea of gaming site which offers highly compressed game downloads.The one reason he told for choosing the niche was that it had a lot of monthly searches. Yes, to a large extent his idea worked.

The niche was finalized and the domain was purchased now it was time to set up the site. I didn’t know about the so-called ‘hosting’ when I purchased the domain.I thought domain was the website. There will be an interface where we can type the content that needed to be filled in the site, lol..In fact, the domain was just the address of the site. Read more about the domain.The address points to a location that place is the server.And to have a server we need to purchase a hosting service.I felt everything was out of my control, oblivious.I was determined to set up my website.But I faced a problem- how to meet the cost of hosting?.


My father was not willing to spend even a rupee more for my crazy website idea.It was then that I came to know about free hosting solutions.Many sites offer free website hosting – most popular of all – 000webhost. I was not prepared for a custom Cpanel hosting.



After nearly 3-4 days of struggle.I came to know about blogger. It offered free hosting both on a custom domain as well with their specific extension.I was happy to hear the news.I went on to blogger and setup a domain Then I was ready to attach my custom domain to my blogspot blog.As I no longer owns I will demonstrate how to attach a domain with another domain I own.Here are the steps that I followed: Stay tuned.. its coming.


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