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The most used web browser in the world , that is what chrome currently is . Google chrome is immensely popular and is used in devices ranging from large desktop computers to small mobile phones?. Chrome has successfully replaced Internet Explorer,Safari,Firefox  etc from the main stream browsers. Chrome is made from an open source project named chromium which is the base of browsers like Opera and Vivaldi, and is maintained by Google. Though several people contribute to this project Google is the main contributor. (You didn’t knew that right? .Thank god you visited our site ?).

Chrome has a lot of security measures and it is upto date with the latest features. So any threat or vulnerability found are fixed immediately compared to other browsers. Google Chrome is the recommended browser to be used by Google which is why it is rather popular. Chrome is also famous because it powers an entire OS called Chrome OS which is completely web based. It was released in 2008 but now has over 40% market share in the case of web browsers.

Google chrome web browser market share
Google chrome web browser market share

So that’s all about the general info of the Google web browser .Now moving on to the Google Browser review.We review chrome on a 10 point scale, taking into consideration all the factors that we have mentioned in the web browser reviews post. (Note: The point lvl 10 is only given if the particular item is perfect , i.e flawless). Since nothing in this world is perfect , we don’t generally award 10 points in our reviews☺).



Finally it’s your turn now , feel free to rate chrome and comment any of its drawbacks and advantages below at the comments section. If deemed fit to display we will include it in the review with your name !!.

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