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Free online movies watch

Watch all your favourite movies and TV shows with this simple hack. Watch all the movies, including the latest from the comfort of your home and not going to the movie theatre. Here are a few websites where you can do this absolutely free. And the best part. None of these websites requires you to sign up!

Disclaimer: We, HoopWeb do not promote piracy and the website mentioned clearly do not follow DMCA guidelines. We are not part of and do not condone the actions of the mentioned websites and they do not reflect HoopWeb’s values.

Websites to watch movies :

  1. Putlocker

Putlocker free movies

Putlocker is a website, known by most of us. One of the greatest places to watch free movies and TV. In HD, Putlocker has been serving us with its immense collection for a number of years now. Constantly updated, it has a vast collection of movies and TV, new and old, totally free of cost.

UPDATE: As of April 2017, Putlocker has discontinued its service in major parts of the globe.

2. free movies

If you don’t like the simplistic look of Putlocker and would love something resembling a Netflix format, head on over to They don’t have an enormous collection of movies like Putlocker. But they have their bases covered and most of the movies we love and love to hate, are all there in a neat and air tight package. Their high-speed servers ensure that no movie you watch has to buffer again and adjustable resolution aids in that. Most of the content is in HD and is probably the last stop you’ll ever make in your movie watching adventure of a lifetime and the best place to catch up on your favourite TV Shows in a clearly simple and free manner.

UPDATE: As of April 2017, still continues to serve the public with its perfectly capable and absolutely free of cost service. So grab that popcorn and start watching your favourite content.

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