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First of all I would like to apologize to all those ‘Hoopers’ .(New terminology invented by me? , that refers to the reader’s of .) out there. The reason for apology is that I intended to post this article yesterday (05-04-17). But I was unable to do so due to some personal difficulties. So here I am  with a wonderful review on the Mozilla Firefox browser.Mozilla Firefox is a open-source , free browser built by Mozilla Foundation and its subsidiary the Mozilla Corporation. In this review we will be covering all the factors considered for ranking chrome and why Mozilla fell behind chrome in the ratings.

Hope you found the answers to all your questions through your ‘journey’ from the beginning to the end of this article.

Firefox Browser – A Detailed look

Why many people love and recommend Firefox ?. This is one of the very first questions that might come into our mind while reading all the reviews out there on the web. We here @ Hoop Web has just the answer you are looking for. What many love about Firefox is that it stands by its principles , offer complete freedom to its users and also tries out new ideas. Too much anything is a bane rather than a boon and that is exactly what happened to the Firefox.There are also a few more drawbacks for Firefox.

  1. Lacks flash support integration.

  2. The Firefox lacks 64-bit version.

  3. Customer support is not as efficient compared to its competitors.

  4. Adding a lot of customizations and mods slows it down.

  5. Firefox gets updated frequently which renders atleast a few addons useless until developers update them.

 They offered a lot of freedom to it’s users providing a lot of developer options exposing it to possible security threat. The one feature we like the most about the Firefox is the Firefox test pilot. Just as its name suggest the feature enables you to take experimental features for a test flight.

It has 3 main features .( see video for more details ) :

  • Activity Stream – Each time a new tab is opened it shows you a list of websites in your bookmarks and history with a short highlights from each site.
  • Universal search – It provides you site recommendation and saves you the time of browsing through all the .search result instead you can directly visit the recommended site.
  • Tab Search – See all your open tabs organized vertically in the form of a left sidebar.


Finally lets get into deeper review on the Firefox browser:We review Firefox browser on a 10 point scale, taking into consideration all the factors that we have mentioned in the web browser reviews post. (Note: The point lvl 10 is only given if the particular item is perfect , i.e flawless). Since nothing in this world is perfect , we don’t generally award 10 points in our reviews☺).

Finally it’s your turn now , feel free to rate Firefox and comment any of its drawbacks and advantages below at the comments section. If deemed fit to display we will include it in the review with your name !!.

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