Opera Browser Review – Third Best Browser In The World 4.5/5(2)

Opera browser review

OPERA BROWSER REVIEW – 3rd Best Browser In The World

Opera Browser review
Opera Browser review

Hello there, welcome to all the Hooper’s once again.This time we are here to review the prestigious Opera Browser, which is offering a great competition for other top level browsers like The Google Chrome browser and The Firefox Browser.In this review, let’s understand what made Opera eligible for the second runner-up position in the competition between the top browsers here at Hoop Web. In this review, we will also see the few drawbacks that made the browser fall back to the 3rd position instead of getting up to the 1st or second. So without much delay lets get straight into the review.

Opera web browser is getting very famous because of its fast and secure browsing .
Let’s take a review on Opera Browser
There are many things which are considered to make a web browser best. On the basis of that we take a review about Opera browser.

Stability of an application can measure by its quality means how many bugs or crashes occur in an application. There are many versions of Opera browser, and currently Opera 46 Beta Browser has came with many fixes, while if we check Opera browser history then we can say it is not much stable although it has many new features.
Rating : 9/10

Security is very important factors due to the cyber threats. Opera provide excellent security and privacy feature. Opera browser Protect systems from virus and malware by its Opera’s Fraud and Malware Protection.
Rating: 9.4/10.

Browser speed
Speed is the one of the most important feature of Opera Browser Opera Turbo mode can load pages more quickly. It provides access to favorite sites easier and quicker by adding thumbnails on start page of browser. You can get rides from irritating ads just by turning on Opera ads Blocker and can make your browser more fast .

Privacy settings
Opera provides guide to its security information. And Opera ‘s Fraud and Malware protection always informs the user about unsafe web urls and pages. It also gives the details about the viewing web page. Free VPN feature of Opera browser protect it uses a private window and keep no history information on shared computer.Opera’s built-in VPN is very secure on public network.
rating : 8.4/10

Compatibility with different OS And RAM Usage
Opera is compatible with all famous operating systems including windows, Mac and Linux. It also supports the mobile. Opera Mobile, Opera Mini and Opera Coast are available for Windows phone,Android ,IOS, BlackBerry and Symbian. For windows at least 512 MB RAM is required.
rating :9.4/10

Customization with Opera Browser
With 5 easy step you can customize Opera browser.
1)You can change browser theme from it’s catalog
2)for your convenience you can set your default search engine
3)Opera provide many browser extension you can add weather forecast, Currency Converter and other things on browser tab.
4)with Opera News reader you can find many interesting things to read.
5)You can set your own keyboard shortcut keys
rating :8.8/10

User Experience and Design
Opera browser are easy to use fast and secure. It handles multi tabs performance and have some excellent look and feel unique features like Theme changes, Ads Blocking and it also provide high level of browser customization. User also can Personalize his relevant news feeds and articles. With Opera user can always keep its data sync by his Opera account. On the basis of reviews we can say that Opera gives unique and good User experience.
Rating : 8.9/10

Customer Help & Support
Opera provides good Help and support, for this you can use your Opera Account and Opera WEB Forums to submit your queries and Bugs related to Opera Browser. You can also follow Opera on social media.
Rating: 9/10.

Generally we found great reviews on the web about the Opera Browser. One common point of appreciation we found throught the reviews were the browser speed. Many users have commented positively about the Turbo mode in Opera.Whereas two drawback we found common in user reviews were the lack of stability and customization possibilities. We can hope Opera will improve upon these features.

On the basis of above review we here at Hoop Web rate Opera Browser : 8.9/10 ( Great)

lagging behind the runner up for this competition The Firefox browser by just 0.1 review points.

Pros of Opera Browser

  1. Off-Road mode speeds up slow connections and reduces bandwidth.
  2. Helpful start page.
  3. Fast performance and good compatibility.
  4. Gestures for easy navigation.
  5. Built in Ad-Blocker
  6. Built in VPN

Cons of Opera Browser

  1. No bookmark manager.
  2. Fewer innovations and extras than previous Opera versions.

How to get Opera Browser?

You can get the latest version of the multi-faceted and innovative browser by clicking here.



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  1. I just downloaded the Opera browser for the first time in years. I’ve been using firefox and google chrome for the most part… I LOVE opera’s new layout and features far better than firefox or chrome. I’d give it 5 stars for sure !

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