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How Exactly is it done – Blogging? Where did it all began?

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Hello Hoopers,

This article is a part of series of articles yet to come. Through this article, we (It’s a ‘I’ rather than ‘we’ as myself will be authoring the whole series.. lol.. ) here at hoop web will be sharing the experiences of ‘Eibel Salil’ which is me ? – The author of the series. The ways through which I have journeyed to get past the hurdles I faced throughout my blogging career in the past 3 long years. Back then I was like…………


The series will be written in more from an ‘informatic biographical’ point of view ( I don’t know whether a word like that exists ).But here @ Hoop Web, ‘Informatic Biographical’ means biographical information about someone and this time it’s about me. Interested to be featured? Do you have an interesting story about yourself? Don’t wait……  write to us. So that’s all about the general stuff. Now let’s get straight to the ride, SO FASTEN YOUR SEATBELTS GUYS, IT’S GONNA BE A LONG RIDE. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU HAVE SOME SNACKS TO CRUNCH ON. We will have some activities in between to make sure you guys are involved throughout.☺


So it was about 3 years ago somewhat the same date and time. Sorry not the same time it may have been 9:00 am IST. I happened to pay a visit to one of my neighbours house.Not so huge house as the image below?.pexels-photo-186077

He is an engineer by profession.He introduced me to some new stuff that day. That stuff was nothing else but blogging. Till then I knew nothing about it( ‘I hadn’t even heard of the term’… just kidding ). He introduced me to the world of bloggers and narrated his experiences blogging and earning.The blogging and especially the ‘earning’ stuff fascinated me. So I decided to give it a try. At that time he had a blog –  ‘’ it is still live….You guys can check it out if interested. The site has a lot of duplicate content. It was not a problem back then before google its released the PANDA and PENGUIN updates.But now things have changed, all the sites with duplicate content get hit.Even worse, the sites linking to them too gets hit. That’s the reason if you have noticed I have given the Url to the site and not a link?. Congrats your past 395 words by now.


Now for a bit of relaxation here’s a story.


Many of you may have heard to those who haven’t here it goes:

Once the great, renowned scientist Albert Einstein happened to journey with an Indian by his side in an airplane. It was rather a long flight and the scientist felt bored.He poked the Indian, told him lets play a game.The Indian nodded in agreement.The game was as follows – Einstein will ask a question to the Indian.If he is not able to answer he should pay $1.In turn, the Indian can ask a question and if Einstein ‘one of the most brilliant mind of the century’ if he fails to answer he has to pay the Indian $50.The Indian agreed and asked Einstein to take his turn and ask the first question. Einstein asked him – What is the exact distance from the sun to the moon? .The Indian coolly answered – I don’t Know?, and gave a dollar bill to Einstein.Then it was the Indian’s turn.He asked Einstein – Which is that animal that climbs up a mountain with 3 legs and comes down with 4??

What the hell of a question….?… Right?… Einstein too thought the same.

Do you guys know the answer ??

Take your time to think about it along with Einstein.


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