The Ultimate Top 3 Web Browser Reviews



Top 3 Web Browser Reviews
Top 3 Web Browser Reviews

So hi again , as promised we are back with yet another wonderful review. It can’t actually be referred as ‘yet another review’ cause this is the first one? . But we can assure that this is just the beginning and more are yet to come. Without much delay lets get to the point. The point is we are here to do a WEB BROWSER REVIEW. We will get to web browser reviews part step by step. This post aims to provide ‘ The Ultimate top 3 Web browsers review ‘. (I have omitted an ‘s’ from the word ‘review’ cause its more meaningful without it☺). So lets begin by defining a web browser.


Wikipedia defines web browsers as ” a software application for retrieving, presenting and traversing information resources on the World Wide Web ” …. , not so relevant to us but the next part is. Wikipedia ranks browsers in the order Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge (preceded by Internet Explorer), Safari, Opera and Firefox. As a matter of fact popularity alone cannot be used as a factor to determine the best browser. For example: Hitler is more popular than John .F. Kennedy , but it doesn’t mean that Hitler is better. A rather lame example.. lol.

Image result for usage share of browsers

So what other factors can be used? . That is rather a question like Pizza or burger which tastes better. Actually it’s a matter of peoples tastes, and it differ from person to person.What one person accepts as a criteria to rank web browsers may not be accepted by others.


We have generalized the criteria’s and have picked common ranking factors and user reviews from a variety of different forums and sites and based our reviews on it. So our ranking system should satisfy more than 90% of you according to our statistics calculators.We are so sorry if your among the rest 10% who are not satisfied. To those we have a happy news leave us a comment pointing the drawbacks of our ranking factors. Putting it another way – comment the improvisations that we must make in order to satisfy you. You can also rate our website on a 5 point scale at the bottom of the post in the above link. Coming back to the topic…?

The list of criteria’s we have used in the order of their relevance:

  1. Stability

  2. Security

  3. Browser speed

  4. Privacy settings

  5. Compatibility with different OS

  6. Level of customization possible

  7. User Experience ( calculated based on user reviews )

  8. Design

  9. RAM Usage

  10. Customer Help & Support

  11. Mobile browser app experience

  12. Ease of interaction ( gestures, voice interaction etc).



Based on the Ranking factors listed above we have classified the numerous number of web browsers in the world to the ultimate TOP 3 WEB BROWSER REVIEWS. The ranks are as follows:

Web browser reviews - Rank 1


Web browser reviews - Rank 2


Web browser reviews - Rank 3


Not satisfied with the rankings ? See the explained ranking details , contributing test , overall rating , customer ratings reviews by clicking on the respective browser name.

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