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 First of all A big HI to all those techies and web lovers out there. It’s literally a big ‘HI’ right.. lol ?? . Now you might be wondering what this fancy name is all about hoopweb.com , ‘ hoop web ‘ you gotta be kidding me that sounds crazy man?. Yes even I found the name crazy when my friend suggested the name to me? . But what seemed crazy excited me when I found the inner meaning of the words, the verb ‘hoop’ means a to bind and web means WEB? ..lol. So the words, in result means to bind the whole of internet. That is to provide all the info and reviews of the websites on the web.

      Let’s keep the ‘name’ part of the site apart for a while and concentrate on how/why you got here. Oh yes i get it. You probably searched for reviews on some services/websites or got referred by friend or a social media page while surfing on related topics . Then my friend I am happy to say “YOUR AT THE RIGHT PLACE“☺ . You may have heard the same phrase a number of times on different websites (Did you just visit the link , you can see there what I mean) , now you might be thinking – whats so special about this site? . Sorry, some things are better experienced then said !!! . So feel free to experience top quality web service reviews and ratings @ hoopweb.com. We rate websites and services , so who rates us? .You can rate us. Feel free to comment below the drawbacks of our site and its features.You can also send your valuable reviews on different websites to admin@hoopweb.com. We will be publishing the reviews that deems fit to be published on our website. You can rate our reviews and the site below . 

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