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10 Benefits of owning a CFMOTO CForce 500 HO ATV

10 Benefits of owning a CFMOTO CForce 500 HO ATV

 10 Benefits of owning a CFMOTO CForce 500 HO ATV

CFMOTO Canada marches on its path of innovation by introducing the ultimate CForce Series. The launch of the series enhances its dominance in the ATV market of Canada. CFMOTO’s CForce series offers riders the desired level of agility and versatility with the presence of dual wishbone independent suspension along with adjustable shock absorbers.

By setting new industry benchmark in the parameters like stability and comfort of ATVs, CFMOTO CForce series makes groundbreaking innovations in the field of power, performance, and comfort of their CForce 500 HO ATVs. This multi-utility vehicle equips the owners of the CForce vehicles with the flexibility of taking it on a long drive on a hard and rugged terrain along with the option of using the vehicle as a reliable support for the day-to-day farm or backyard chores.

1.Electric Locking Differential:


Guarantying increased traction

Specially built for the most extreme conditions, the CForce 500 ATV models offer the riders with a chance to increase the traction by restricting each of the two wheels on an axle to the same rotational speed without regard to available traction or differences in resistance seen at each wheel. Backed by the Lock Shift Transmission, the CForce 500 models allow the riders to have that desired level of control whilst mastering the most rugged terrains of the country.

2.CVTech Clutching Advantage:

Offering Stability even on muddy tracks

The new CForce 500 models redefine the concept of riding on a muddy track by offering the critical CVTech clutches. These clutches will make sure that the rides on muddy terrain will be hassle-free without the rider having to compromise on speed and power of the high gear. The innovative clutch technology will ensure that the belt of the ATV will not start slipping or smoking while running fast on a muddy track.

CForce 500 ATVs take a remarkable leap in the arena of tackling the muddy terrain. Backed by innovation and engineering precision, the new models make sure that the riders tame to the muddy and murky tracks with superior ease and comfort.

3.Dual Wishbone Independent Suspension:

Independent suspension offering more stability

The CForce 500 ATV has a double wishbone independent suspension where the innovatively mechanized shock absorber and coil spring mount to the wishbones to control the vertical movement of the vehicle. This means that the rider will enjoy more stability whilst running down on difficult terrains and can keep the vehicle steady even while hitting the highest speed. Especially when the rider is riding in a tricky track or participating in a recreational sporting activity, the control over the vertical movements will be a critical advantage.

4.Greater Torque:

A Max Torque of 32 ft lb @ 5800 RPM offers longevity of the vehicle

CForce 500 HO ATV’s high torque will offer the desired longevity. By creating power at low engine speeds, CFMOTO aims at enhancing the service life of the vehicle. The higher torque of the CForce series also makes it possible for the riders to save fuel by keeping engine speed low.

Backed by an industry leading 37.5 horsepower in the CForce 500 models, the greater torque makes sure that the engine is fit enough to provide sustainable support for a real long tenure and does not wear away with the strain of the daily usage.

5.Innova Tyres with 6 Ply Ratings:

Offering both safety and flexibility to the rider

A 6 ply rated set of tires boosts the vehicle with the ultimate balance of strength and flexibility so that the rider can take the vehicle on a long drive on a rugged terrain with the stability and precision meeting world class standards. The 6 ply tires are durable enough to withstand the wrath of an outdoor recreational sporting activity but not too heavy to curse the vehicle with immobility on tough surfaces. In this way, CFMOTO has ensured that its CForce series riders enjoy better control over their personal ATVs.

6.Liquid Cooled Engines:

Mono-cylinder 4 Valve Liquid Cooled 500cc Engine ensuring durability and long-lasting engine support

CFMOTO’s CForce series has revolutionized the concept of liquid cooled 500 cc engines with the mono-cylinder 4 valve alternative available in their CForce 500 HO ATVs. The liquid cooled engine ensures optimal engine output allowing the vehicle to pass through the most unpleasant terrains without having to choke under heat or pressure.

The CForce 500 HO ATV features display the ultimate traits of a flexible and efficient vehicle suitable for both outdoor sporting activities as well as hardcore utility.

7.Adjustable Shock Absorbers:

Smoothens the rebound movement of the ATV on hard terrains

CFMOTO’s CForce series offer the most anticipated variation in ATV and with a higher wheelbase confirming the stability of the vehicle, the adjustable shock absorbers makes sure that the tires remain in contact with the terrain under any form of road condition. This ensures better braking response of the ATV.

Also, the presence of braided brake lines makes sure that it’s harder for stray objects to puncture and it is also subjected to less of a bulge when pressure is applied, ensuring you a much less jerky ride.

8.High-Power LED Lights:

Providing advanced safety and added benefits

CForce 500 model can easily be regarded as the absolute multi-utility vehicle in the ATV market as it comes with inbuilt high-power LED lights. In this way the CForce 500 series models endow the riders with the ability to ride in low light and in no light also. The added benefits, as offered by CFMOTO make sure that the owners who are ready to tame an ATV can use the vehicle for both utility and leisure thereby guarantying better value for money.

9.Desired Power-to-Weight Ratio:

Versatile Performance ensured through better power-to-weight ratio

With powerful engines and the rigid, lightweight chassis, CForce 500 ATVs provide riders with industry-leading power-to-weight ratios on models. This provides the agility and mobility the vehicle needs to sustain the daily rigor of the rides. The power-to-weight ratio is an important parameter in case of ATVs and CFMOTO has figured out the ultimate ratio for their multi-utility CForce 500 models.

10.Loaded LED Dashboard and Instrumentation:

Providing better storage options along with comfort

CForce 500 models have actually run the extra mile to make the ATVs purposeful and also comfortable at the same time. The LED Dashboard with complete instrumentation provides an option for the riders to carry necessary stuff or even goods while doing their farm and backyard chores. Moreover, the well thought-out vehicle design comes with a 12V auxiliary plug, under seat storage and trailer connector.

The efficient design of the ATV along with the necessary ancillaries makes it the perfect choice for any vehicle owner who expects good value for money.

About CFMOTO Canada: CFMOTO is one of the world’s leading powerhouse manufacturers, quenching the thirst of adventure for outdoor enthusiasts, riders and workers, over the past three decades. Backed by an enviable R&D team, CFMOTO introduces products aimed at the different needs and requirements of its wide range of customers. CFMOTO strikes the perfect balance between innovation and engineering precision thereby ensuring top quality and varied utility of its vehicles. Currently headquartered at Saint-Benoit-Labre, Quebec, CFMOTO caters to a global power sports market and is regarded as a visionary in the fields of product innovation and design.

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