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flaws in guardians of galaxy 2 movie


flaws in guardians of galaxy 2 movie

‘flaws in Guardians of Galaxy 2’, as a Marvel production, was very much expected to reach the demands set by the first movie. As any movie, they have flaws, and they are trying to reduce them as much as they can do. For a dedicated fan, the flaws could change his all perception about the movie. We all know the general rule that says that the first movie is always better that the ones after it, but let`s take a look at this article and see few of their flaws, maybe we can stop being so critics about one`s decisions.

First of all, the music. Well, the music was much the same with the first Guardians of Galaxy, The same Star Hero rhythm. I think that this is not necessarily a bad thing, but if you want the fans to have the same feeling as they did in the first movie, then you did the right thing, but if you want them to feel excited about the new plot, I personally think that you should take in consideration a rhythm made especially for the new action, you know, a rhythm we are not familiarized with.

baby groot in gaurdians of galaxy 2
Baby Groot in guardians of galaxy 2

Secondly, Groot`s voice. We all saw that in the first movie Groat died, and in the ending credits, we saw him dancing and this is what gave us, the fans, the idea that he is not actually dead. After all, he was the most loved character from the first movie. In this one, we see him returned as a baby and his voice was quite strange. It seems that he couldn`t understand very clear the instruction like his mind was somewhere else. Also, his perception of words was altered. I don`t know what the producers tried to create but they kind of went too far.

Iondu in guardians of galaxy 2

Last, but not least was Iondu`s death. This is raising up many questions like “why didn`t the guardians save him?”. After all, they had the required time to do it and maybe his death could have been avoided. And I don`t want to say anything about timing, but how can you a place a Marvel Universe, 3 months later after the first film, in the same reality with other super-heroes who could have saved the earth? Where were they? Were they too busy with daily actions?


See the Guardians of Galaxy 2 trailer below…

In conclusion, another affirmation that the second movie could not pass the first one, although the fans expected the best from it, it requires an understanding of team decisions to really compare it with the first. The managed to link the movie with 1st actions but as I presented above, they pretty much copied a lot of parts from the first movie, giving the impression that they went too fast. After all, we watch movies and we discuss, nothing can be perfect.

Here is some more mistake in the movie … visit cinemablend .

Given below is a video from youtube showing the 10 big editing errors in Guardians Of Galaxy 2 movie.

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