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This session we will be giving a few tips on how to double your search traffic by improving your site’s SEO techniques.If one wants to double the traffic on his/her website then they have to adopt the following techniques which can increase their traffic on the website and conversion rates. Once you have understood the needs of your audience then no one can stop the traffic coming on your website.

  1. Audit your website’s structure:

get traffic to your website via SEO -audit your site

This technique refers that you go through to an analysis of your website’s structure that why you are not getting the traffic on to it. Auditing is done when one wants to take the smarter decisions but if we talk about in term of SEO world, then it is a growth hack technique that will help you attract and retain customers.

This can help you to examine the overall performance of your website. You can set the new goals and ambitions by looking at the measurements, this can help you to increase the profit without any kind of extra hard work

  1. Data research via end user value:

get traffic to your website via SEO - data research

One can attract the traffic to their website directly if they are using the keywords correctly. Google is not the advertising company, they hold up a large amount of data, so your keyword should be as accurate or matching to the end user value. In other words, we can say that your ideal users of a product or service give feedback, which then determines what kind of content you’ll create on a regular basis.

If you are planning and executing according to the needs of the consumer then you can surely attract the traffic on your site, the double in numbers you have wished. There are several social media platforms which can be used. Ask yourself: where do people hang out, and what topics are they always talking about?

  1. Responsive and Mobile-Friendly:

get traffic to your website via SEO- responsive and mobile friendly

People don’t have much time to stay at home for using their PC’s for internet usage, or they don’t waste their time on slow and laggy websites. So, this should be confirmed by you that your website is also capable for mobile users and it is in reach of everyone from anywhere anytime. By targeting the mobile users, you can increase your search traffic because many of the people use their personal devices (mobiles) for the web access.

A fast and responsive website can save its user time which is very much appreciated by most of the people. This can help very much in enhancing the traffic for a website.

  1. Deep linking to internal pages:

get traffic to your website via SEO - deep linking

It is the practice of using anchor text to link to other pages inside your blog. Most people focus on getting search visitors to their homepage but struggle to rank their internal pages. But before you start linking to your inner pages, you should first check to see how many inbound links go to your homepage as compared to your other pages.

  1. Refresh your archive pages:

get traffic to your website via SEO - refresh archive pages

This term refers that don’t let your archive pages lie left for a period. First, start with the elicitation of best-performing pages and then create your own content by taking an idea from them. They should be up to date according to latest trends and development. Your traffic in significantly increase.

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