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Welcome back to a very interesting article that all you Hoopers should check out for sure.This article is about ‘8 Interesting Things To Do On The Internet That You Never know’. If your not a pro on internet I am sure you wouldn’t have heard at least 5 out of the 8 interesting things listed here.So take your time to read through and try them all.So here we begin…

8 Interesting Things To Do On The Internet

8 Interesting Things To Do On The Internet That You Never knew

An internet user is globally connected with the world. There are a lot of things which he has discovered but has he summed up all the web?. No, definitely not. There are many interesting things to do on the internet that you never know.Here are the top 9 things we found the most interesting things to do on the web that you wouldn’t have known?.

1.  Spin the search page

Yes, you can spin the search page of the widely used search engine by just typing “do a barrel roll” your Google web page will definitely spin.?.There are 5 other tricks to do on chrome browser that is shown in the video.Take your time to go through.If you just wish to see the barrel roll, view the video from 1:00 – 1:10.

2.Kill the OS

Searching for “Zerg Rush” creates a search page being eaten by ‘O’s click each O three times to kill it.The “Zerg Rush” is also a chrome browser trick.It is shown in the above video from 1:10 – 1:29.

3.Make some sick beats

You can make your own music beats by just visiting Patatap and then pressing any key on the keyboard.It’s one of my personal favorite’s be sure to try out guys.The background of the website will be initially grey in color.You can change the color by pressing the space button on the keyboard.The above sounds are fully made by patatap try it, it’s awesome.

4.learn to read body language

Judge people by their body language from internet site blifaloo

It’s quite interesting that you can learn to read the body language of a person whether he is telling a lie or speaking the truth by visiting blifaloo.

5.Go back in time

internet archive wayback machine

Yes, you can go back in time just visit the way back machine and you can find how websites looked in 90s. Type the URL of the website’s past you would like to see in the space provided then click on browse history.

6.Catch early buzz on trends

Want to find out what bloggers are talking about before it hits the mainstream??. Yes, it’s easy just sign up with pubsub.They crawl more than 90 million blogs. They are currently not functional as of 2007.

6.check your inbox from anywhere

You say your isp doesn’t offer a web interface for your email inbox? Don’t fret, with mail2web you can access any POP 3 or IMAP4 account read and respond to messages.

7.Find Uncle Sam’s Hidden Files

hidden file on the internet

Hear that big sucking sound? It’s thousands of documents disappearing from government Web pages–some removed due to national security concerns, and others for political reasons. But at sites like the “Federation of American Scientists“,”Project on Government Secrecy“, “The Memory Hole“, and “Cryptome“, you can find some of these missing files, along with other declassified but hard-to-find documents.

8.Create Your Own Reality TV Show

Why should Paris Hilton and Donald Trump get all the glory? On “ManiaTV” you can submit your own 5-minute video clip; if it’s picked, the site will devote an hour of programming to a video of your life. You can also send in clips from your mobile phone, or program an hour-long “mixtape” of your favorite video clips for broadcast online. This self-styled MTV (without the TV) claims 1 million unique visitors a month.

These were some interesting things that you didn’t know before about the internet hope you enjoyed it.

For more intersting cool tricks see the video below:

Do you guys know more of such interesting things to do on the internet that others might not know?.If yes, send it to us right now.We will publicize it and credit you for your content.Comment below if you need more of interesting things to do on the internet.We have a few more things in our collection but have only published 8.We will be publishing more only if you Hoopers demand for more.Cheers Hoopers, take care…

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