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books for free

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books for free

This will be our first post in getting paid content for free.This will be the first of a series yet to come.So guys stay tuned for more and without much delay, let’s get straight into it.

Getting published retail books online for free seems as simple as it sounds ‘free’ but very tricky. However, I am going to reveal to you how to decode the trick in the magic that will allow you to get any book you desire to sit back and relax with anytime any day without the hassles of unwanted subscriptions or submitting any personal information that will outsmart you and create a hole in your pocket in the end. As we do know, they are over a hundred methods to get paid books online for free but priority gives credit to a limited few, among this few, I am going to highlight just three approaches I consider an ‘idiot guide of how to’😄…

1. The Google Books Advance Search

books for free - google books

Google books search will help you to narrow your choice to a specific selection of book titles, author and full view of entire content before download, this gives you the privilege to define your search parameters, one of its advantages is the privilege it gives you to access multiple downloads of book titles that could become yours in less than 3 minutes. Due to its ease of approach, I consider it a priority on the list of preference. All you have to do is visit Google Books page, input the title you would like to add to your collection then hit the search button, once it is displayed – you have multiple results of titles plus the exact title you are looking for, look out for the one with a “preview” link, click on it and it will take you directly to the full view of the book, in the absence of any “preview” link, Input “Google Advance Book Search” into the form field and hit the Search button, it will take you to a form field where you will input the request parameters.  Usually, the search request here is to input a phrase of the titles in view – this will create room for multiple options when the result is displayed, Remember to check the “Full Preview” Button before you hit the Search.

The google books search result has its disadvantages, in most cases you do not find exactly the title you intended to download when the full list of titles in stock is displayed – When you are confronted with this restriction you opt for the book reviewer’s paradise

2. The Book Reviewer Option

The Book Review option is like barging into the bookworm club with stacks of books round about the wall, all up for preview and momentary study but cannot be taken away, new entries almost soliciting for reviews and readers opinion in order to climb the Best Seller ladder, All you’ve got to do is pick a title that you would like to add to your personal collection, Almost all retail books on Amazon has provided a “Read Inside Quick Preview” and a form field for “reviews or a recommendation,” Input your honest opinion on as many books titles that appeal to your interest, within a couple of days frequency of appearance, you have become a confirmed reviewer, there is every opportunity for authors and publishers linking up to you to contribute your opinion to newly published books as a seasoned reviewer.
The advantage of the book review option is the privilege it gives you to have access to as many books beyond your expectation while it may take time to build your reputation to author’s and publisher’s choice in most cases you might not get the exact book titles you would want to download for free. However, you may sign up with the storycartel club to build your reputation as a reviewer and get as many books as you desire.

3. The Book Title and Mirrors approach:

This is another idiot’s guide approach that does not require any ultimate search skill but knowledge of online access to as many website that provides online book retail and publishing services, some of the modern mirrors to the ebook download technology e.g. Book zz, book fi, Library Genesis, lig ben, and book see force_lang=en provides such dumb access that all you’ve got to do is copy and paste the title of the book you desire to download into the search form field, Make sure you check on “Title” Button below the form field then click the Search button, it will display a search result of exact book you are looking for then at the far right of the search result bar is depicted the mirrors option of download in figures click on any of your choices and it will automatically lead you to the download page, click on it and in less than 2 Minutes, the book is finally added to your collections.

For the purpose of this article and that is the top 3 in the hierarchy of categories of download of paid ebooks for free I will personally recommend book fi under this 3rd category due to its ease of response


Amazon – Hacking Books  

  1. Open your internet browser – google chrome
  2. Visit
  3. Type the name of the book on search box – at the home page displaying the link to the book sales, just copy the name link of the book and click open another tab, in this tab type ‘‘ .
  4. It will open a site named Library genesis.
  5. Type into the form field – or paste the book name or type, select the title radio in option ‘search in fields’ and click on the search button, it will display many books links and you make any of your choice from the links to download, click on download button and the book is yours…without paying a dime!

Given below is a video showing the same… Enjoy Hoopers…

NOTE: Most books will download in the pdf file format.

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