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what is a domain

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what is a domain

Here we are with yet another interesting topic at least some of you are familiar of. To those Hoopers who still wonder what is this article about. I am sure no one will be wondering about the topic as it is clear from the title and the page URL. For those Hoopers who haven’t seen it here’ s the topic – ‘ What is a domain ? – All you need to know about domains ‘. This is basically a beginners guide and not intended for intermediates or pro’s. By the end of the article, I am confident that at least 90% gets an idea on what is a domain basically. So to that unlucky 10 %, my apologees. Let’s get straight to it.

What is a domain ?

A domain is basically an address. What kind of an address? right ?. Take an example: I am sure all of you guys have a home. You may have TV, refrigerator, heater etc in your houses.If one of your friends need to come by and pay a visit to you, you tell them the address of your house. This helps them to find the house, and finally, you guys meet. This address you give to your friend is compared to a domain and your house is the website, ie, what we see when we go to a particular domain. Wikipedia defines a domain as – “an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority or control within the Internet”. Which is exactly what I explained in simple words.It’s impossible for you to build a website without a domain. Just exactly as we cannot build a house without an address.

What is a domain name system (DNS) ?

what is a domain name system(DNS)

You guys may have heard of DNS(Domain Name System). Even I wondered what is it the first time I heard. It’s actually not that complicated.Putting it in a simple way ” DNS is the grammar for a domain “. Meaning that DNS is the set of rules and procedures that needed to be followed while forming a domain name.Just like grammar is the set of rules for writing any particular language☺. As this is a begginners guide I don’t wish to move on to more detailed info on the topic.I have written an exclusive story about how I bought my first domain.Take time to read it when you’re free.

Start  a website – buy a domain

Planning to start a new website here’s a guide how I started one. Purchasing a domain is undoubtedly one of the first steps in starting a new website.Here are some great sites which help you get started with your dream website by providing domains at cheap rates.

  1. Godaddy.com
  2. Bigrock.in
  3. 1and1.com

I personally prefer the first and the second one as I have used them personally and had really great experience with both.Godaddy was the best of the all, as it as a very unique, interactive and simple user interface for beginners.The Bigrock interface is not that cool but their support team is great.They typically replies within 13- 14 hours of your query.Godaddy support is even better and it has an award-winning support team. The first time user offers of Bigrock is better than Godaddy.Use this code – ‘cjcded99r’ to get a .com domain at Rs.99/USD1.54 if you are a first time GoDaddy user.If your not a new user, create a new account with different credentials then apply the coupon.?

Similarly for bigrock get a .com free for one year and at Rs.629 for consecutive years – code – “FREECOMAFFMAY”.Or get a .com for Rs.99 a year https://www.bigrock.in/deals-on-domainshere.



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