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If you are in need of help for a game you are playing, just interested in sharing your own guide, walkthrough, or just there to read about the storyline and read other gamers opinions, or you want to share your own strategy or sight your opinion about a certain game. Here are the 3 most visited Gaming forums out there right now.[NOTE: This ranking is solely based on my own opinion and based on facts I have gathered.]


Forums - Gamefaqs

One of the best forums out there ranking at 358th most visited site worldwide it is most likely the to go site for gamers. from handheld gadgets to game consoles you can find it there. having a separate page for each video game it’s quite the selection. with updates every day. Also being up to date with contents and news on gaming. this site might be what you’re looking for if you want to move on with the storyline in your game!

2.Ign Boards

Gaming Forums - IGN

Another of the best out there ranked at 287th most visited site worldwide. Though they mainly focus on Video games. They also have forums for other modes of entertainment. while looking up strategies for your game, you can also look up lots of Articles they come up with concerning updates and new stuff to come in the upcoming days ahead adding interesting content for the readers and viewers to indulge in while searching for what they need. They might not be that organized because of the variety of forums they have and it might seem chaotic. But still, they are holding their rank when it comes to Gaming itself being reliable and accurate with their contents both in gaming and other media entertainment.

3.GameSpot Boards

Gaming Forums - Gamespot

Last on my list ranked at 744th most viewed site worldwide. With 1+ million viewers per month – and that’s a huge number. dedicated for Gamers and it packs a punch with a total of 35 million posts. You might just find the answer to your questions there and might as well add a post of your own for others to read. though this site isn’t how it used to be it is still one of the most reliable sites for your gaming needs.but one thing to love about this site is its simplicity and how organized everything is. for first time viewers of the page, they won’t really have any difficulty navigating around the page at all. it is also known to be affiliated with GameFaqs. This 3 is really above among the rest when it comes to gaming. when you need any help just pick among these 3 sites you will surely not regret it.

4.Hoop Web Gaming Forum

Hoop Web Gamers Forums

New venture established on 7/06/17. The forum is not yet fully functional.We are constantly working to add new functionalities to the site.As the name suggests the forum is founded, funded and maintained by the Hoop Web Community.Hope all you Hoopers out there will support this venture. We hope to top this list in the years to come.We expect the support of all the gamers out there. Happy Gaming…

See the video below on what is a forum:

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