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With the evolution of the internet and technology, individuals have made the internet a necessity of life. The Internet is a piece of technology that has revolutionized the way we think, communicate and entertain ourselves. It’s easy to get access to almost everything, thanks to our dear friend ‘internet’. It can be accessed just about anywhere and on all sort of different mediums, however, the access to the web always comes with a price, right?

There is no doubt that the internet has made our lives easier, and it’s our go-to for all kinds of information and communication. The plethora of information and accessibility helps us to connect to things instantly.

Getting bored reading all this? Worry not because I’m not going to guide you on the benefits of the internet but I have something even more interesting to offer. Believe it or not, I’m bringing you top three ways to get access to the Internet for free, yes! you read it right, for free!

Before I begin, let’s recall the fact that around 3 billion people around the World are using the internet and the countries with the largest number of internet users include India, China, and The United States. The Internet doesn’t come cheap, but there are a few ways to access the internet for free (you can thank me later)!

Before continuing watch this video about what is a VPN:

1) Finch VPN

internet for free - finch vpn

Install Finch VPN on your Android device. Open the application upon installation and sign up for a free account. As a free user, 3GB will be dispensed in your free account (make sure that you don’t have any data package).  Before you do anything further,  set the protocols to VDP & Post 53. Then, turn off your Wifi and data connection. Wait for 30 seconds and Woah, you’re connected to the internet for free!

2) Install Stark VPN

internet for free-stark vpn

Install Stark VPN on your device. Open the app and tap the red button to connect and wait until it turns green. And yes, you’re ready to stream online. (Hard to find the app on Google play store, worry not! I’ve got your back. Click here to install Stark VPN:

3) Install Atom VPN

internet for free - atom vpn

Install Atom VPN from the play store and all you need is a 3g connection with approximately 10 MB data. Open the app and select your preferred network and you’re done.

So, these were the best 3 methods to connect to the internet for free. However, I can’t help but share a few other ways that might help you to get access to the internet.

(I) Public Wifi

internet for free - public wifi

Tons of coffee shops, cafes and restaurants offer free internet these days. There are quite a few places where you can get access to the internet for free, just don’t expect a blazing speed, but the connections will still help you communicate free of cost.

(II) Hotspot Finder

internet for free - wifi hostspot

Use a hotspot finder to help you locate and access free wifi connections around you.

(III) Your Sim Connection provider

internet for free - sim providers

Most sim networks offer the internet for free with various other subscriptions. So, dial up and get access to the free internet with calls or message plans.

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