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flaws in facebook

Facebook or Flow book? That is the question!

flaws in facebook

The Facebook profile is a must nowadays and posting daily has become a natural gesture; something done out of habit – like eating or sleeping. However, as popular as it is, we can’t help to notice that Facebook has numerous flaws. More and more people are starting to give a big “dislike” to this social platform.

Every opinion that I heard lately pointed out these three major flaws:

  1. Social exclusion

As strange as it seems, a platform that was made for connecting people drives them apart. If you check right now your friend list, you will see that you barely know more than half of them.

People are more focused on posting what they eat or do alone than actually meet with a friend and have a real conversation. For example, you prefer to say “Happy Birthday” on Facebook to a close friend rather than calling him/her or surprise him/her with a gift in real life. How odd that we chase “likes” on Facebook and not real relationships, isn’t it?

  1. Online scams

There are more and more fake Facebook profiles that copy the real ones in order to make money or to gain other benefits. The most hacked profiles are those owned by celebrities. We all know that celebrity sells; so do the ones who are behind those scams. I have heard so many people who were tricked to “donate” money to different fake causes. I know that it is a button called “Report”, but sometimes it is too late for those who were already deceived.

  1. Overload of unnecessary ads/ posts

Daily, most of my Facebook page is filled with ads or posts sponsored by Facebook based on my previous likes. It has become a business platform instead of a social one. It is a vicious circle:  you give a like to an article, for example, and then you receive more and more paid “suggestions” until the whole page is packed with unwanted posts.

What would it be your top three flaws in Facebook? Give us a comment with your opinion!

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